An essential principle is to plan the facilities at the centre
within an easy walk of the whole neighbourhood.

The masterplan was created by Roger Evans Associates.
A well conceived masterplan was essential because Newhall
will grow to a community of some scale. To try and understand
the sheer scale of Newhall Roger Evans began by overlaying
street plans of Venice, Bath, Oxford and other historic towns
onto a plan of the Newhall site. As successful high-density
towns, admired for centuries, what lessons could be learnt for
Newhall? We love visiting these places so we wanted to create
a new place, taking inspiration from them, that people would
love to visit - and live in. This comparison helped to reveal
where densities could be highest, and where the large amounts
of green space (40% of the area) would naturally be sited.

Streets and paths were planned to calm traffic, to encourage
the walker and the cyclist, creating a lattice-like pattern which
motor cars should not dominate. Local distinctiveness is an
important principle of the plan, which is evidenced particularly
in the use of materials and colours.